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  • 1.
    Why is there this program "Get Name Card"?
    Get Name Card" is a program developed by in collaboration with Top Headhunters in Vietnam to allow talent to easily leave their Name Card with Top Headhunters to boost their chances of approaching big jobs from Top Headhunt is a global leader in recruitment solutions with a diversified ecosystem and the fastest-growing job site in Vietnam with over 27,000 jobs.
  • 2.
    Does my Name Card include a CV?
    We have 2 ways to help you connect with top headhunters. Please choose at least one way, and do not forget to double-check the contact details.
  • 3.
    What will the Headhunters do after receiving my Name Card?
    Like any offline event, your Name Card will be submitted directly to the top headhunters you're interested in. You can apply immediately or leave a name card that means "Ready to get hunted". Top headhunters will connect with you.
    Furthermore, you will receive helpful career updates from your interested Employers and CareerViet.
  • 4.
    Can I send a Name Card to many different Headhunters in this Program?
    The answer is YES. You can submit your name card to top headhunters in Vietnam with just one click. It will assist you in expanding your work prospects. Awesome!