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Wilmington, DElaware 19805

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  • Qui mô công ty: 100-499
  • Loại hình hoạt động: Cá nhân
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Giới thiệu về công ty

We are one of the leading global HFT companies with a truly advanced stack. Our company covers the full cycle of trading strategies and algorithms development, as well as software creation for their further implementation.

There are more than 100 people in our team at the moment. Our ambitious plan includes further growth. The quality and accuracy of our work: focus on market research and continuous improvement of our technology base is our paramount.

Thông điệp từ BHFT

Our vision is that quantitative trading is not only a set of automated trading strategies and top algotrading coding, but so much more that makes the algorithmic trading system perfect! We conduct our own research on market microstructure, dynamics of liquidity flows in fragmented markets, and specifics of exchanges of interest. All research is production-oriented, and its results quickly find their way to production through trading logic improvements. 

Our industry-standard backtesting infrastructure is a must for any algorithmic trading company. Its purpose is to test our hypotheses against the actual market data; however, our main strength arises from our custom trading algorithmic strategies customary for pure-HFT companies. Our trading platform is a custom-tailored solution where flexibility, speed, and performance all come together in sync to yield the best results.